Don’t You Worry Child Levi Has A Remix For You

Late in the summer of 2012, Swedish House Mafia released one of the most uplifting and universally meaningful tracks, “Don’t You Worry Child”. It was their final track before they went their separate ways, making it a favorite amongst hardcore fans. Many a festival tale has been told with emphasis on how moving and insanely emotion the track is live; A testament to SHM’s legacy. Over the years it has been covered and remixed by fans, up and coming musicians, and some of the most talented artists in the industry. Not all iterations of the song evoke the powerful and at times, overwhelming gravity of the original; but many become an emotional roller coaster of feelings. In January of 2013, YouTuber Madilyn Bailey posted a powerful acoustic performance of “Don’t You Worry Child”. It showcased her vocal talents and certainly had remix potential. Now In 2015, German producer Levi has taken on the task of giving us the remix we deserve.

Tropical house is considered a slippery slope in some circles of Electronic Music, but Levi doesn’t let that stop him from producing one of the most beautiful “Don’t You Worry Child”  remixes to date. Madylin’s voice provides a strong, grounding, force for Levi’s chill and often times gentle, production. The less is more approach to the track manages to bring out the empowering message of the original, while still remaining unique in style and delivery to Levi and Madison. While keeping the original melodies and harmonies, Levi manages to infuse that relaxing summer vibe throughout the listening experience. While SHM’s original will raise you up and bring you to tears; Levi’s version will leave you with that effervescent feeling of happiness that you won’t be able to shake.

Madilyn Bailey – Don’t You Worry Child (Levi Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Give yourself a minute to take it all in before grabbing your free download. This is one track you’ll want to have in your collection.


Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

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