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Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness - "Grip" ft. Jem Cooke [FREE DOWNLOAD]

New York based artists Disco Killerz and Sarah Charness team up with the English vocalist Jem Cooke on the single “Grip,” the follow up to their first single “We Came to Party.” “Grip” strikes me as yet another attempt to truly humanize the way we’re currently producing and consuming dance music. Undeniably, the tune retains many of its danceable elements like the airy synths and the 4/4 beat, but goes on to introduce various human elements to give the song a certain soul usually lost in electronic music productions. Rather than sounding like another sterile, clean, house-inspired track, “Grip” infuses Charness’ personal touch on the electronic violin and the sultry vocals of Jem Cooke to create a true blend of both electronic and human elements. As Diplo recently noted in the New York Times about his production work of “Where Are Ü Now,” manipulating human elements of a song are one of the few ways that artists can truly make a one of a kind production. By integrating the manually manipulated violin and Jem Cooke’s vocals, “Grip” is a perfect blend of soul and dance, energy and vibes.

Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness - Grip feat. Jem Cooke

The song itself without a doubt, elicits nothing short of a sunny feeling, for lack of a better word. The violin brings out the Southerner in me, striking me the same way Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” did, for better or worse. The dance elements definitely fall into a mutually supplemental place alongside the violin and vocals, ultimately crafting a song that retains emotion, stays true to its electronic roots, but pushes beyond a single genre. This track is working toward pushing beyond the popularized image of a producer in his bedroom cranking out big room banger after big room banger (or minimal techno track after minimal techno track) to show that there is still soul in this genre. There is still a human element. With the help of artists like Disco Killerz, Sarah Charness, and Jem Cooke, the understanding of EDM, in a popular sense, will be pushed forward, beyond the “this isn’t music designation” that is thrust upon so much of the EDM world. Ultimately, “Grip” is a quick glimpse into the future of the music we love and listen to, a way to understand the interaction of human and electronic elements of a track, and an innovative blend of both the human touch and the producer’s composition.  

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