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First Original: The Trap House Anthem

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Look dudes you know me, I don't beat around any bushes. I fucking hate Trap music. So when the opportunity to review The Trap House's first original new track, Trap House Anthem, came across my desk, you can imagine my enthusiasm. But, and this still boggles my mind, it's not always all about me. My subjective tastes aside, few can deny their talent when their 2 day old track already has 16k plays. Two weekends ago, my friend Dogma brought one of his up and coming Traphouse buddies to the Braunasium for one of my post-Tech(no) afterparties. I let him play for a bit. As he was leaving my house, I remember my parting words to him were "It's not my thing, but you do it really well. You've got talent dude, keep mastering your craft." My first impression of this track left me with a similar feeling. I challenged myself to listen to it on repeat while writing this article, and I dare say that I really enjoyed it. Right from the get-go, a trippy, minimally layered synth melody accompanies a fluid drum pattern utilizing those powerful 808 kicks that seemingly personifies the genre. This theme continues in subtle variations right up into the first drop. From there, all bets are off as the whole track seems to just lose its mind. Half time! double time! Vocal samples! What sounds like some dude falling down the stairs with power tools in his hands! One thing that strikes me about this track is that I had such a tough time placing its roots. In the genre that I usually cover, easy peasy. We all know that House music is new disco which is really just new jazz. Techno and electro are new synthpop. In this song, my mind immediately changes every single time I think I have it figured out. Is it hip hop? No, it's gotta be electro. Nope! Wait, definitely some house in there. Did I just catch a trance vibe? Nah this has gotta be dubstep. Maybe it just borrows the good parts from every genre and has an identity of its own? Unlike my last encounter with this genre, we aren't talking about a budding new bedroom producer. This track is by none other than event organizer turned DJ Duo, The Trap House. They got their start three years ago by throwing a weekly party, and it has since blown up. This year, they've had the honor of playing at both Spring Awakening and Freaky Deaky, as well as countless other honors all over the midwest. All while still throwing their weekly parties at Crocodile. I've been to a few of those parties over the summer. Dudes know how to put on a show. They manage to pack that small Wicker Park bar to the energy-filled brim! On a Tuesday!! And it's easy to understand why. Earlier this year, one of the members of The Trap House party was struck and killed by a train. Later in the year at a relatively full Spring Awakening stage, after a very energetic set, they jumped on the DJ booth and asked everyone for a moment of silence for their fallen friend, Keegan. The entire crowd fell completely silent. silence Anyone with the stage presence to get 3,000+ intoxicated partygoers to go from full rage party mode, to dead silence, and then right back has a bright future ahead of them and has certainly earned my respect. Look out for them in Chicago in January at TheMID on 2nd, 7th, and 15th, at Tunnel on the 16th, at Mason on the 22nd, and of course at their weekly parties at Crocodile on the 12th, 19th, and 26th.