Oceans Will “Rise” Up In 2016!

Rising producer Oceans is bringing in the New Year with “Rise,” featuring amazing vocals from the talented Holly Drummond. “Rise” is just one of those tracks that is going to get you in the perfect chilled out mood. The melody on this track is honestly just so amazingly beautiful. You can really appreciate the production that went in on this track. Check out the track below and pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD now!

Oceans – Rise ft. Holly Drummond

This month we also had Oceans on our Artist Showcase giving us a jam packed mix that you can check out here. After providing us with a chilled out Trap/Future Bass mix, Oceans chills us out with this new track diving into a side that is best described by the producer himself:

“ This is a song that describes my softer style using new sounds that I haven’t really experimented with before. I wanted to keep the tropical idea behind the project but also throw in some of my usual progressions I like to make in my songs. ” ­- Oceans

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Madison Riccardi

Madison Riccardi

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