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Mr. Jennings - Truth And Booty ft. Michael Nighttime

Thursday, June 05, 2014
Colin Rinehart

The time has come for the jams which just beg to be on full blast during those summer cruises to start pouring in. You can't help but love his track, titled Truth And Booty and created by Mr. Jennings of  The Party Liberation Front, an East Coast based arts collective. 'Truth And Booty' off of his most recent EP, titled "Crunken Treasure", features bumping 808s, grinding saw wave mids and hypnotizing sparkly synth leads. You can really feel the vibe that Jennings was trying to bring with this EP. It's a clever, fun group of tracks which both poke fun at, and sample the southern hip hop style elegantly. Mr. Jennings claims that "Glitch hop is the foundation, and variety is the spice of life," which really shines through in this multi layered track that brings so many different elements to the table.