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Freddy Todd - Grip Platter (ill.esha Remix)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Colin Rinehart

ill.esha renews the classic Freddy Todd track "Grip Platter," in her latest remix. The original "Grip Platter," was released on Simplify Recordings by the Detroit based artist back in 2010. Freddy Todd is truly a master of his craft; not only in the studio, but on stages across the globe. Without any pre-recorded sets, Freddy has the skills and the audacity to perform on-the-fly mixes of 100% original material, tailored to his specific audience, mood, and venue each night. You can’t pin him down with lexicon like lazer-bass and glitch-funk; these phrases fall way short of capturing the expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-traveling qualities of his music. Hearing his music is akin to being abducted by an extra-terrestrial cruise liner where everyone is tripping on space acid. Buy: Addictech ill.esha, a Canadian from British Columbia, spent some influential years in San Francisco before recently moving to Denver, Colorado. Her multi-dimensional approach spans every color in the bass music rainbow, creating a dynamic live show which has set ill.esha apart amidst some of electronic music’s most groundbreaking acts. Her current live show features mostly original music chopped, screwed and beatmatched with live vocal effects and loops over top. Since her first single was released back when she was just a teenager, ill.esha has had releases on labels such as Muti Music, Daly City, Street Ritual, Subway, Haunted Audio, Dub Police, and Simplify. She's ranked in the top 3 on Juno Download, Addictech, Beatport Electronic, and Soundcloud. Her quest for musical innovation doesn't just stop at top-tier download status, or tickling our mind-brains with her fuzzy bass. Her recent alliance with the Critical Beats project – a pioneering effort by artists to assist indigenous tribes in developing media centres for communication and culture preservation – is a resounding step forward on the path of an artist dedicated to creating social change and awareness through music. Sources: ill.esha Biography Freddy Todd's Website