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Run DMT's New Project Shows He's A Real PPLPRSN

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Colin Rinehart

2014 has been good to RUN DMT so far, with his official remix of Diplo's "Revolution," being released on Mad Decent, garnering enough attention to become the commercial anthem for the highly anticipated, and lowly reviewed XBox One game, Titanfall. So what should he do now to keep the year rolling smoothly? How about something different and new?¬†Austin, Texas native RUN DMT is at it again with a liquid, psychedelic side project. "PPLPRSN," pronounced "pee pull per son" (according to his Facebook post announcing the project), is a psychedelic, 15 minute music suite in two parts. The first part, titled, 'The Ball Bounced Down The Hall,' is a glitch hop/trip hop track which radiates an echoey, spacey feel. The beat is repetitive, with some trippy, heavily distorted messages thrown in right before the song really picks up energy in the second half. The second part of the project is titled 'Oshun Of Consciousness.' While at first glance that seems to just be your standard, intentional, trap artist, typo; a quick Google search will reveal that an "Oshun," in the Yoruba religion, is an Orisha, or a spirit or deity, who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy. Oshun is said to have gone to a drum festival one day, and to have fallen in love with the king-dancer Shango, god of lightning & thunder. So you could say that Oshun is all about the good vibes, and likes to party. Though you might want to check out our piece on "love in the club," before you start hitting up the drum festival scene for your next bae. It didn't even work out that well for Oshun. Since that day, Shango has been married to Oba, Oya, and Oshun, though Oshun is said to be considered his principal wife. So for this project, the name PPLPRSN fits perfectly. After all, aren't we all just trying to be an "Oshun" with good vibes in the end? Just don't be like Oshun or Rihanna and fall in love in a hopeless place.  

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