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Mystik Sanctuary Artist Spotlight: Griz

Thursday, August 07, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

Griz is the type of guy you hope to meet in college. He will talk you into partying a little too hard, he will roll your first joint, and he will probably make better than grades than you despite it all. He will be an intricate character in all your most infamous moments. He is also becoming one of the most beloved artists in electronic music, using more than just a computer to convey his artistic ambition. In an industry full of hopefuls, Griz is carving out his spot, creating a genre all his own, and a reason the scene is progressing. For these reasons and more, it is so exciting to have him grace the lineup for the first annual Mystik Sanctuary Music Festival in Oklahoma City! [caption id="attachment_23842" align="aligncenter" width="367"]Griz 3 double edit Photo Credit: Kin Yau Photo[/caption] Grant Kwiecinski hails from Detroit, but now splits his time between the Motor City and Colorado. If you know anything about Detroit's rich musical history, it will be no surprise that Griz's signature funky sound is inspired by the likes of Gladys Knight, The Temptations, and other such soulful Motown musicians. And if the blend of Motown and grimy bass wasn't orginal enough, Griz has something else that sets him apart - a musical instrument. That's right, in between creating beats, this guy will throw down a saxophone solo so smooth you'll want to spread it on toast. The mix of live instrumentation takes a show from good to epic in about 16 bars. When a scene becomes mainstream, how do you keep the genre moving forward? If you're Griz you do two things: 1) continue to create and collaborate, and 2) make music free. The future of EDM will include instruments. It will mean horn sections and violins and elaborate percussive setups with endless opportunities for creativity. Combining the efforts of fellow musicians such as Gramatik, trumpeter Eric Bloom of Lettuce, and Colorado duo Big Gigantic, Griz is pushing the boundaries of what defines EDM. [caption id="attachment_23845" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Big Grizmatik edit Photo Credit: Live Edits Lab[/caption]

Griz is also pushing the boundaries of how music is shared.  With net neutrality now a huge issue, alongside the long-running argument over file sharing and music pirating, artists like Griz are on the front lines for their fans. He is content to forgo revenue from album sales in lieu of simply getting his music heard, and let's be honest here, a mp3 will never replace a live performance. Brooklyn based producer, Gramatik, says it simply, "Free music by making music free."

Are you excited yet? Are you ready to have some unprotected sax at Mystik Sanctuary?! The inaugural year for the festival boasts a strong lineup, including headliners Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, Zeds Dead, and Krewella. It will be held at Oklahoma City Air Park this September 5th and 6th, so get your tickets soon!!

[caption id="attachment_24012" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Griz 6 (1 of 1)edit Photo Credit: Kin Yau Photo[/caption]

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