Kotelett & Zadak [Interview]

Kotelett & Zadak is a Berlin-based duo with a seriously witty sense of humour. Friends for some time, they first met through a mutual appreciation of quality house music and […]

Junge Junge Delight With Their Newest Single

Currently dropped this week through Universal Music Sweden is the groundbreaking new sound of Junge Junge with “Beautiful Girl”. Created from a jam session at Helene Beach Festival back in 2014, […]

Sittin’ on top of the world

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of the songs I post are songs that I can’t get out of my head. My selection process goes something like this: Opens up […]

The Magician Gets Funky With His New Remix

The Magician has been one of the most talked about producers recently and really shows his stuff with his newest rendition of the Years and Years track, “King”. The tracks soulful […]

Sons of Aoide [Interview]

If you know what’s up with the brilliant Hive Audio label, then you’ll no doubt be all too aware of just how great the label is when it comes to […]

Arno Cost & Arias Deliver A Tasty Free Download

Fresh from remixing the likes of Protocol’s Nicky Romero, and after having a huge team effort with Norman Doray, Arno Cost brings in another Frenchman to the studio to bring […]