Torren Foot Makes Panties Drop With His Latest Remix!

“I’m thinkin’ of thinkin’ ’bout stickin’ with you.” Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Torren Foot is not shy about being a self-proclaimed “Professional Panty Dropper.” And with his remix for fellow […]

Mystery Producer Unveils First Song, “Mr. TOOT”

Earlier this week, I came across this excellent tune titled “Mr. TOOT,” but it’s looking like the artist that produced it is keeping him/herself in the shadows. Despite this mystery, […]

Stay True to Digital Farm Animals

I think the biggest mistake people have been doing is sleeping on Digital Farm Animals. Vibrant sounds have been surfacing throughout the industry for quite some time now, but the […]

Almond Shows His Softer Side With New Remix

Almond is back once again with a brand new original after his last couple successful releases with collaborators such as FKYA, SAMME and Myles Travitz. For his next project, Almond […]

Junge Junge Drop A Wonderful Remix Package

With the original production still causing quite a stir, Junge Junge have just brought out a number of remixes to accompany the empowering “Beautiful Girl” that came our way last […]

Greco Breathes New Life Into Stardust’s House Classic

Timeless The ONLY song recorded by Stardust–a collaborative effort between Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe, and Benjamin Diamond–“Music Sounds Better With You” is a classic in every sense of the word. […]