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Carnage & Borgore - Incredible (Out Feb. 4)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Whatever you do, don't call Borgore and Carnage's new tune 'Incredible' trap or dubstep. Not only because their latest production is actually a banging HOUSE track, but more importantly because Carnage will publicly call you out, and most likely eat your soul.

[youtube id="ZHm8j5AmRAw" width="620" height="360"]Carnage announced in a long (and somewhat enlightening) Twitter rant last week saying that even though he has been one of the pioneers behind what he has dubbed "Festival Trap," he would be producing less of the genre in the future due to it being over-hyped and a passing fashion.


Trap or not, as long as Carnage keeps turning out these big tunes I'll keep supporting them.

'Incredible' is set to release on Spinnin' Records on February 4.