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Fehrplay's Newest Track - Indigo (Pryda Friends)

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Martin Smith

Fehrplay isn't playing fair. He's coming out with tracks left and right that are destined to be bombs on the dance floor. He's traveling from city to city across North America right now with Jeremy Olander, destroying every nightclub and venue they hit. In September, Fehrplay and Olander both managed to grace the cover of DJ Mag's USA 15 edition---they appear on the front page photo-shopped together as one person. Now, to top it all off, Fehrplay will be joining Jeremy Olander as the opening act for Eric Prydz's very own EPIC 2.0 shows. After hearing all this, it comes to no surprise that he's releasing another smash on October bastard :). "Indigo" seems to incorporate all of the Fehrplay elements that create a hard-hitting bomb. The dark, driving bass leads you into the groove of this track. The reverbed pluck synth quickly adds to it and takes you on the path towards his signature climatic chord breakdown. Finally, the drop is truly one that will drive club-goers off their feet and into the frenzy-filled air.