Porter Robinson’s Sea Of Voices Get Some RAC Love With A New Remix

As if Sea Of Voices could not get more beautiful, RAC shows us his take on the new sound coming from Porter. This new remix has a more upbeat feel to it while keeping the beautiful melodic feel of Sea of Voices very much alive. I do not want to say that this remix is better than the original, but I will go as far to say they are on par with eachother, just different. Take a listen below and let us at OTB know what you think.

Matthew Jager
From LA to Seattle, the West Coast has always been my home and I take great pride in the music scene we have here. Bass music is my first love, but in reality I love and appreciate all types of music...besides country. Let the music talk. You just have to be ready to listen.
Matthew Jager
- 1 day ago
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