Fractal System Builds It Deeper with “Your Body” EP

Fractal System came out with their ‘Your Body EP last week. Its a keeper. It has been called, “thug house,” “tech house,” by Fractal System himself, “sofa king great,” and “chetttt” by one Soundcloud user. One thing is for sure, this EP bumps.

‘Your Body,’ is packed with simple synth lines that will get stuck in your head for hours in what would be a frustrating manner if the whole EP weren’t available on Soundcloud and Beatport. There’s just enough sub bass to make it not sound too minimal. It’s sure to have your head bobbing from the start to the finish of that sixth 23rd second.

The tracks themselves blend together in an incredibly smooth fashion. The first two are almost hard to differentiate unless you’re really listening for the half second of silence between them. They’re both very simple, bouncy house tracks that retain a serious composure. The vocal track alone in the first song is enough to grab your attention by the balls or boobs (depending on the gender of your attention), and pleasure you just enough to make you curious about what comes next. The last two tracks change it up a bit. Both of them have a little bit more funk and dynamic within themselves than their predecessors; the last one containing a vocal track almost the entire way through it.

Fractal System is a project by the talented Brazilian DJ and producer Lucian Castro, who is also owner of the label “Mix Feed.” The Fractal System project began in 2008, and has managed to create a unique identity in its musical style with influences ranging from nu disco to hip hop, garage and bass house. Fractal System is constantly present in large clubs and is recognized by influential names in the electronic dance music industry.


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Colin Rinehart

Colin Rinehart

Colin Rinehart hails from Dallas, Texas and currently attends Texas State University in San Marcos. He's big into Glitch Hop, Trap and anything that catches his ear. Colin strives to find the best music coming out of the Austin/San Antonio area and bring it to your home sound system via Only The Beat.
Colin Rinehart
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