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Zedd remixes summer anthem "Rude"

Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Lalita Stone

Zedd heard that you liked summer anthems, so he remixed a summer anthem to make his own summer anthem.'s extra summery?  If you've turned on the radio at all during these past few warm months, you've surely heard the hit jingle, "Why you gotta be so rude?" The song, originally by Canadian band Magic!, has been peaking on Billboard Top 100's globally since its release in October. With Zedd's recent collaboration with Top 40's artists such as Ariana Grande and Hayley Williams, it's no surprise he would dabble with a remix of "Rude." Check it out below: This remix is actually the first has released in over a year since his remix of Empire of the Sun's "Alive." With his descent into the pop realm and his production of a few of Lady Gaga's songs on her album "Artpop," it got me thinking - are Zedd's "Dovregubben" days over? And are collaborations with ex-Disney stars going to become a recurring thing in Zedd's future? What do you think?