Morning Sun (Dillon Francis Remix)

On Monday September 22,2014 Dillon Francis released his remix of Morning Sun By: Stage Talk. Dillon describes the song as “the happiest remix I have ever made in my life!” Dillon put the remix up on his Soundcloud for all of us to listen to! Check it out down below!

Morning Sun (Dillon Francis Remix) – Strange Talk

This is his description of the song

“alllriigghttt i was watching that movie “the awkward moment” and i heard this song in the bar scene and i fucking flipped out! i loved the song sooo much that i hit up strange talk on twitter asking to remix it and from that came the happiest remix i have ever made in my life! I really hope you enjoy it i had soooooo much fun making it and i love playing it out in live shows…COMES OUT TOMORROW :)”

The track officially comes out tomorrow so be on the look out but for now you can binge listen to it on his Soundcloud like I will be doing all day!

Madison Riccardi

Madison Riccardi

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