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Get Jiggy with Figgy's new EP!

Thursday, October 09, 2014
Nolan Oribello


Brooklyn's Finest

If you're not listening to Figgy by now, do yourself a favor and correct that mistake. Trust me when I say "You won't regret it."  Nobody remixes a pop song like Figgy, and there's a lonely Justin Bieber track in my impeccable music library to prove it.  *GASP!* "IMPOSSIBLE! There's no way! I can't even...!"  Don't believe me?  Give Hold Tight a listen and see for yourself.  But don't stop there--tell me HowManyDrinks isn't better than Miguel's original, or that Phantogram's Fall In Love doesn't sound like a gift from the Music Gods. Brooklyn is definitely in the house.

Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Figgy Remix)

The Art Of Storytelling

Out now on his own label Cut & Dry, the Missing You EP accomplishes in 4 tracks what most albums aim for on a full-length LP. It's a cohesive work of sonic-storytelling, thematically and musically, that's entertaining from start to finish. Figgy's talent for soulful vocal sampling will have you singing along to each track, and the warm house vibes guarantee you'll be grooving to this on a loop, extending it's 20 minute run-time well into the winter season.

Figgy - Missing You EP

As with most stories, I have a no-spoiler policy; while I'd love to say more, I'll leave the rest of it for you to experience on your own. Enjoy!