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URFRIENDS Human Remix Makes No Mistakes

Friday, November 14, 2014
Nolan Oribello

Make Some New Friends

San Francisco's very own Panic City and Miles Medina, whose competitive rise in the local scene eventually had them sharing the same stage one incredible Halloween night, join forces as URFRIENDS. Panic with a penchant for groovy House records, Miles with a predilection towards Bass bangin' street tunes; the two couldn't be any more different. Perhaps it is this YinYang dynamic that creates musical magic when their talents are combined. Say hello, everyone! urfriends640x437 Time to get acquainted!

Human (URFRIENDS Remix) 

"We finally got together and decided we wanted to create something different than we do individually. Something melodic and something you could really vibe and dance to." - Panic City
Digging back to 1986, URFRIENDS introduces the song with the familiar hook and piano that brought the single to the top of the charts. As the initial wave of nostalgia washes over you, the piano picks up speed and changes melody, the percussion kicks in, and you can't help but move! Human is a catchy, danceable sing-along ballad that's surprisingly different from anything I've heard from either of them. It is truly a collaborative effort that sheds their individual sounds in favor of something refreshingly new.  The track is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, so give URFRIENDS a Follow!