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Phantoms "Broken Halo" Video Will Break Your Heart

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Brandon Dorsky

Phantoms just released a video for their sexy, soulful, house-y broken-hearted jam "Broken Halo," following it up with their debut live performance in a tiny, stuffed venue on the east side of Los Angeles. This duo is like the American version of Disclosure -- with some fierce electronic drums complimented by synths, effects processors and stunning visuals.

Telling the tale of a broken love, "Broken Halo's" story board music video is quite the trip, featuring a marriage ceremony turned binge drinking in Palm Springs (or at least what looks like Palm Springs). But even with the sorrowful connotations, Nicolas Braun's soulful vocals about woeful memories will carry you to the dance floor. For anyone just getting out of a relationship - this should probably just become your new anthem of choice...