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Thero's Tropical Snowstorm?

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Gabby Espinet

It's not summer anymore people, but this track comes pretty damn close.

We've shown nothing but support on OTB for this artist, and trust us when we say this, Thero never disappoints.

TJ Sarda's luxurious tunes conform to not just the tropical house basics, but also contain its own dense and copious angles. Acknowledging that we are still in our winter season, Thero chose to remix Slow Skies's, "Ice Field", and he properly leaves its slow originality. However, measures are taken as he spins his own tropical feel to the mix with the help of the classic saxophone and the xylophone, an underrated instrument that can make or break a song. It's the cherry on top of your cake, or in this case, the Maraschino Cherry to your Mai Tai.

Slow Skies - Ice Field (Thero Remix)

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