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Lunch Money & SoySauce Is All I Need

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Gabby Espinet

Finally, a fresh and appropriately titled track brought to us by SoySauce. Does anyone remember that artist called Royal? If not, I highly recommend clicking on that link. The producer finally dropped his secret... that he has been part of the project this whole time.

Take some time and listen to both SoySauce's SoundCloud, as well as Royal's; you might be able to hear some similarities within their released sounds.

"Broken Record" is composed of an anonymous entity who goes by SoyBoy, Royal, and of course indie-folk specialist, Joni Fatora. It's not the usual cup of tea we hear from the Brooklyn songstress, but after hearing her on an EDM production, it seems as though Fatora can pull off any genre. Her genuine vocals compliment the insane chord progressions, the build up, and the all around futuristic house vibes. The single sounds as though it was taken at a cyber angle, and it somehow gives off the feeling of being in space; it's probably the piercing synths and the glamorous snares, an interesting direction for the duo to take.

SoySauce - Broken Record (feat. Joni Fatora) 

Be sure to keep up with their forthcoming EP, Lunch  Money, which is set to drop in February!