Justin Martin Gets Sensual with New Remix

Our favorite Dirtybird pizza fiend adds to his collection of enthralling remixes with this Mixmag  premier.

The captivating vocals, a deep bassline and the overall feel of the song makes this eclectic Justin Martin remix a 10 out of 10. It’s got a bit of a smooth garage house vibe with some soft rain noises in the background to give it that sensually-infused sound. 2014 was a massive year for the Dirtybird producer as he was a frequent headliner festivals across the world as he continues to spread his music and love for pizza everywhere he goes.


Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth’s love for electronic music is as strong as her love for pizza. Her music taste ranges across the board as a self-proclaimed trance, deep house and dubstep snob. Living the dream in San Diego she enjoys the beach, writing and drinking champagne at all hours of the day.
Elizabeth Ninivaggi
- 2 days ago
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