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Haze-M, JazzyFunk, & Christian Orlo - Come With Me

Friday, February 20, 2015

German label Love Harder has always leaned towards the more positive side of the dance music spectrum, even proclaiming themselves that their music comes ‘from Munich, with love’. From that perspective, their latest is a really great encapsulation about all that’s great with them at the moment, as once more they say hello to a collective of producers with a similar persuasion to their own. The trio’s names are Haze-M, JazzyFunk and Christian Orlo, and they clearly have a great chemistry together in the studio. Their original, ‘Come with Me’, is a track of serious crossover potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go down a treat in Ibiza this summer. Much like the best Defected anthems, it speaks to fairweather dance fans and more discerning heads alike. Guardate’s remix is a fantastic effort too. Full of beguiling piano works and a baseline that’s sure to sweep you up off your feet, it’s a fitting remix to a great original. The last of the mixes comes courtesy of label head Alex Mallios. His mix is one that also plays out on an almost celestial tip that’s sugarcoated with gorgeous rhythms and strings throughout, and it rounds everything off in a sumptuous haze.