“Bring My Beat Back” is Future House at its Finest

According to Urban Dictionary, Future House is:

“A mixture between deep and progressive house. It is a a recently started genre of electronic dance music that was mistakenly started by the popular artist Tchami. He labeled his tracks on SoundCloud “Future House” which he put up as a joke. He defined it in an interview stating that “it is basically every tunes that pushes forward the House genre.”

People took it seriously and the internet itself is forming it as a new genre of music.

But, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description for the young genre.
Here to further define the the future of house music is Jerk & Bastard, an up and coming producer based out of Germany.

Jerk & Bastard’s new track, “Bring My Beat Back” melds the best elements of future house, combining the groovy backbeats of deep house with the ever-popular crooning female vocals of EDM. The song features a hefty drop, but still possesses a highly danceable vibe. David Guetta recently played “Bring My Beat Back” on his weekly ‘DJ Mix’ show…if that isn’t a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is.

If you’re a fan of Future House, or would just like to know what it sounds like, check out the track below!

Chris Bergin

Chris Bergin

Self-proclaimed music aficionado and aspiring DJ / Producer. Known for his love affair with the auxiliary cord, this native of Virginia considers his taste in music undoubtedly better than yours.
Chris Bergin
- 3 weeks ago
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