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Fabo's Washed EP is Everything We've Dreamed Of

Monday, February 23, 2015

There are some labels that have done so much in the electronic music industry that their word can almost be taken as gospel. Great Stuff Recordings must be pretty close with a back catalogue of releases, new and old, that could pretty much fill a bible if they so wished. So when they’re pushing a new release you can guarantee quality. Their latest production from the rising Brazilian star Fabø, is definitely singing from their usual mantra. A man that has built up quite a status in Brazil for his tech-house grooves with his residency at Vibe Club in Curitiba, this EP is further proof that he is a name that is here to stay across these shores. ‘Washed’ is a beautifully crafted track with wondrous synths interplaying with each other, and an unyielding snare beat to hold them all together. It has a real energy and groove that perfectly portrays his South American roots. Mark Lower is the Frenchman given the reigns for the remix, and he steers ‘Washed’ brilliantly into slightly different terrain, whilst maintaining it’s original groove and rhythm, but adding a vocal to intensify the suspense. It’s a production with a multitude of layers and goes expertly with the previous track. Overall, another superb release by the guys at Great Stuff.