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Sons of Aoide [Interview]

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If you know what’s up with the brilliant Hive Audio label, then you’ll no doubt be all too aware of just how great the label is when it comes to promoting new talent. One duo to really step-up to the plate on the label recently is Sons of Aoide. A Swiss duo, Sons of Aoide consists of Dejan and Vincenzo, a pair with an inimitable and highly polished sound. As you’re no doubt already thinking at this juncture, it’s hardly surprising then that they’ve ended up signing to one of the best such labels in the contemporary game. We nabbed the guys recently for a quick shout, and here’s what went down…   OTB: So, how have the past few years been for you? What's been keeping you busy? Sons of Aoide: Lots of things! Our studies, concerts with our band, studio work, DJ gigs, events, our jobs, families, friends and our travels... We keep ourselves very busy but we wouldn’t really want it any other way. What’s keeping you excited right now then? Our first release on Hive Audio of course! We can’t wait to share our new stuff with the Hive Gang and release new music. It’s a great privilege for us to appear on such a great label. Can you talk us through your typical day then? Is it 90% music related? Dajan: I work part-time for a pro audio equipment distributor but also as a music composer and Sound Designer for commercials, games, synth manufacturer etc… so my life is almost 100% music related. Vincenzo: I work in the real estate business and the rest of my time is all about music. As soon I knock off my office day (or during, too!) I spend my time in the studio or discovering new artists and listening to new music. You guys seem to make really interesting and unusual music. Is that part of your thinking when you go to the studio? Or does it just naturally end up like that? Our primary goal is to make music that feels real to us. Our interest in music is very deep and we try to get new elements together in the studio. Dajan loves to create new sounds from scratch and this contributes a lot to our creative process. During our studio-sessions there is no specific idea where the journey ends. We just get in the flow that ends up somewhere unknown. Can you tell us a bit about Animal Trainer and your relationship with Hive? How did it come to pass?  We have known the guys from Hive club for a long time. With Sämy and Adi we share common friends, but we actually only met the two guys only a few months ago. We sent them our demo, they liked it and finally we’re very happy to release our first EP on their label. Simple as that, really. What does it mean to you to have the guys believe in you and to release on Hive? Is it a label you’ve paid a close eye to for a long time?  As we mentioned before, it means a hell of a lot to us to have our first release on Hive Audio. In fact, they were the first label we sent our Solaris EP to. A few friends of ours already released on Hive and we have heard many good things about this label e.g. the way they support and how they promote their artists. It just feels right to be part of Hive Audio.  So going back a while, how did you two first get together as a duo? Whose idea was it to start it? And what have you learned from working alongside one another? We met a few years ago and found that we had similar ideas in music, bands, producers and shared a similar musical background. I was involved in a band and we were looking for a second guitarist and I knew that Dajan could fit. He became an important part of the band and whilst working in the studio I gave the incentive to start with a new project cause he showed me a few tracks he made in the past: Beats and Synths instead of distortion and guitars! I bring my experience as DJ (and club head) to the duo while Dajan brings a very profound knowledge in the studio. Music is a creative process and we learned to communicate and work on music as a team, respecting our background and different influences. And when did you both start taking it a bit more seriously? Who was the first DJ that really made you want to make your own music? V: Back in 1998 I accidently joined a house party and felt completely in love with this kind of music! There is no particular DJ, but I liked a lot of MAW and the French House scene. A few days later, I went to a record store and spent all my money there… D: I was always into electronic music, but I think that the first Daft Punk album ignited my passion for this music. And where do you want to get with all this? What would a successful 2015 mean for you guys? Success is hard to define. The next step will be to create a DJ set mixed with live elements. Our goal is to be flexible, even when performing live to keep things interesting and different. A lot's talked about the Swiss scene and how great it is. Is that something you agree with? Of course we do! Back in the days Switzerland developed a core that is very stable, and with all its ups and downs… What we really feel is that the development is healthy and this kind of music gained a lot of attention. Do you think house and techno will always remain popular in Switzerland? For sure. Maybe the hype may settle a bit but the core will remain. And what are your thoughts on the EDM scene that's currently pervading the US? A good thing for the next generation in terms of getting into electronic music? Or just a cheap fad? We haven’t been overly exposed to the US Scene, but we have noticed that the underground scene is taking over in a few states. EDM is a trend, and trends come and go, but in our minds, underground is forever. What's next in line for you guys? Studio, music, more music, gigs and the good life! Watch out for Sons of Aoide’s Solaris EP, out soon on HIVE Audio