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Junge Junge Delight With Their Newest Single

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Currently dropped this week through Universal Music Sweden is the groundbreaking new sound of Junge Junge with "Beautiful Girl". Created from a jam session at Helene Beach Festival back in 2014, the product is simply stunning, sucking you in from the first reverb enhanced guitar pluck. Teaming up with Kyle Pearce, his gritty vocal is captivated by the instrumentation laid down by the Junge Junge duo. Simplicity is most definitely key when it comes to "Beautiful Girl"; flowing effortlessly between sections, the repetitive picking guitar is enough to keep you captivated for the entirety. Forthcoming remixes come from a handful of producers - Tube & Berger, Audiofly, Blondish, Bedrud & Giese, Danito & Anthina and Junge Junge, building upon their original work with a deeper rework.

You can stream the original here.