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Black Butter Records Drops Garage House Heat With Jonas LR's "Lotus"

Friday, March 13, 2015
Keith Ancker

The lack of success UK garage and all its subgenre offspring have had over here in the States is criminal, man. It never fails to amaze me how little it has caught on. Joints like Leeds, UK-based Jonas LR's “Lotus” should be pumping out of speakers on a regular basis. Bouncy basslines, sped-up, chopped-up vocals, British accents…What else could you want? But whatever. “Lotus” just dropped as part of Black Butter Records’ Spread Love Vol. 5 compilation, and it’s a great tune with lots of head nod/ass shake potential. And if you don’t know about Black Butter Records (also home to Rudimental and Clean Bandits), you should start Googling them now. It will make you a better person. I’m not even exaggerating.