Tep No And Cesare Step Up To Remix Sirena’s “Lunar Lights”

“Lunar Lights” has just been given a fresh new sound with the help of Cesare and Tep No, each bringing their own unique sounds to the enchanting original by┬áSirena. This follows just months after a number of “Chemicals” remixes helped boost Sirena to a greater presence, as she is currently one of the most intriguing vocalists out there.

Tep No builds her vocal around a delicate yet dynamic guitar part, varying in rhythms from the rolling off beats to intricate picking patterns. Cesare maintains the dreamy vibe, yet with more a punchier groove via echoing claps and chord stabs. Focusing more of the glitch elements of Sirena’s vocal throughout the drop really enhances the movement, making for a truly awesome listen.

Landing on Universal Music Sweden/Svenska Inspelningar, “Lunar Lights” is up for download here.



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- 2 hours ago
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