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Argüello Interview

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Argüello may not be a household name, but with many releases set to blow up, 2015 promises to be a big year for the Columbian born producer. We caught up with the man to find out what makes him tick. Hey, great to meet to you. Tell the readers a little about yourself for those that might not know about your work? Where are you based right now? Hey nice to meet you too. I am from Colombia but right now I am based in LA. What are the best and worse things about living in the city right now? Missing your home food I guess haha. How influential have your surroundings been on your music taste? When you are living in another country or city, you get more open minded. When you are more open minded to the music, cultures, lifestyles, your creativity grows up. Where do your influences come from? Was electronic music prominent when you were growing up? When I was growing up, rock music was more prominent than the electronic music. What are some of your favourite tracks/ artists you're listening to at the moment? My favorite artists are maybe Muse, Linking Park, Timbaland… But I am Latin so I like pretty much Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Tego Calderon, etc… How do things like the atmosphere, venue and soundsystem influence how you approach a set? When I’m choosing the music I’ll play, it depends on the hour, the place, if it is on the beach, in a club or in a festival. The music style would be different. You currently have a release out on RKJ Records, how did that come about? Yes, the release is called “Platonic Love.” I sent many demos to them over the last year and the CEO supported me when I was experimenting my new style of music and now we are good friends. What was your thinking behind the record? Tell us a little about the way you work? When I make a track, I’m always thinking about some experience. So I start with the basic chords and then the main melody. After that I focus on choosing the sounds. Do you want to focus more on DJing currently or producing? Have you a preference for one over the other? 50-50, I started first being a producer, and now I am a DJ too. I love to do both things. And what does 2015 hold for you? Any exciting plans our readers should know about? Many original tracks will be released this year and some pending shows to be announced so stay tuned :) Argüello's release 'Platonic Love' came out on 26th March on RKJ Records and is available on iTunes.