Torren Foot Makes Panties Drop With His Latest Remix!

“I’m thinkin’ of thinkin’ ’bout stickin’ with you.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Torren Foot is not shy about being a self-proclaimed “Professional Panty Dropper.” And with his remix for fellow Aussie, Stefan Friendless, he’s got the ammo to back it up. Torren Foot gives the once indie dance/nu disco track an edgy makeover, using an unforgiving bass line and driving percussions to set a darker tone.

Friendless – Into The Blue (Torren Foot Remix)

A hauntingly addictive melody (xylophone, perhaps?) complements the vocals, perfectly, really making this remix a standout; I found myself coming back to this track just to hear it. It’s a sexy mix of mood and music that fits effectively into a pre-funk warm-up or on that late night dance floor! Let the panty-dropping begin!


Nolan Oribello

Nolan Oribello

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Nolan Oribello
- 4 months ago
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