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INTERVIEW: Georgeous & Souldate Discuss the Importance of Learning & Creating New Sounds

Monday, April 27, 2015

Berlin-based label Depaart Records have been making a steady stream of solid releases in the last couple of years. Their newest release is left to the very capable hands of Spanish duo Georgeous and Souldate. Currently making big waves on the club scene in Madrid, these guys certainly seem to know what people want from their dance music. We caught up with the guys to find out more about their background and their big plans for the future.... OTB: What was the last record you bought? Why? Souldate: Latest record was called Fade, an EP of 4 tracks from a producer called Playless. His sound is some kind of old school housey vibes but so polished and well produced. We have been following him during these past years and his music is just magic! OTB: How would you sum up your relationship with music? Georgeous: Currently I am fully involved with it, owning Goya Social Club and DJing there every weekend, producing and hosting DJ’s like Jonas Rathsman, Jax Jones, The Magician, and stuff. After leaving my job at a bank office some years ago, my relationship with music apart from business is just Kick+Bass+HHats+Clap&Snare all day long! Also running my label Depaart, along my partner Carlos, based in Berlin. Love multitasking haha :) OTB: Did you teach yourself how to produce music? Did you have any formal training before then? Georgeous: We are basically self-taught in all ways of music production, but did take some mixing courses some years ago in order to move forward and reach a proper sound. There is a point where YouTube videos and close friends cannot show you any more and you get stuck. Not having music formal training before, just a couple of seasons playing the guitar, drums and keys but just for fun; now at the studio sometimes we regret that lack of flow but keep trying! OTB: What do you look for in a track before you part with your money with it? Georgeous: We just look for a club feeling, dancefloor ecstasy and groove. Sometimes we look for nice vocals and sounds that you can listen to everywhere, sounds that maybe are timeless and underground, but still understandable for everyone. OTB: And how long have you been DJing? Did the production or the DJing come first? Georgeous: Djing came first, both of us at a very early age, around 14 or 15. Now feeling old sometimes haha. Lots of things have changed over these early 2000s…Firstly we started DJing, liking it and afterwards felt interested to see how that sound was made. OTB: How would you sum up your sound to those that don't know? Souldate: Well, my mother says it’s beautiful, but she covers her ears when some demo sounds loud at home haha. For those that don’t know, our music is just 4x4 house with some blends and touches of other genres. Bassy frequencies that make you move. The sound is a mixture of old and new influences. We try to be in touch with the people through sound and make them dance and just feel happy. Maybe we can call it pop and bass house music. Sometimes our sound goes raw and sounding kind of distorted, but no worries, if you are in a club and don’t know the track, dance like nobody is watching and wait until the next cut. OTB: How has your sound changed over the years? Georgeous: I think nobody can be just into one style of music. A DJ and a producer’s job is never straightforward. You do start to care more about some production details to fill your new interests in music. The process of constantly listening to new genres and going nightclubbing does a lot regarding your choice of sounds, no matter whether you are DJing or at the studio. Now I would say that it’s coming back to a more simple and raw style, still loving the baselines and vocals, taking care about fine percussion to drive the whole track. It’s always been about house music, but maybe coming from a deep and melodic side to a more energetic and bassy sound. OTB: So did you have a mentor of sorts over the years who guided you in the right direction? Souldate: Certainly we had no mentors, believe me the Spanish scene has lots of party animals but not that figure to keep you on a truly right way. On the other side we try to keep an eye on professional people careers, that is, producers, musicians or actors, hard workers in the industry with a big background and knowledge, to respect them and keep learning. OTB: What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt when it comes to production? Are you still learning? Georgeous: Fuck yes, when it comes to music production you can’t stop learning. I am currently teaching Ableton Live at the University and learning everyday about it, from mixing processes to the most simple doubts students may have. One of the most important lessons in music production could be the mantra “less is more” when it comes to mixing, using plugins and hardware, creating spaces or arranging a track. It may sound too obvious, but it’s a nice lesson to take into account. OTB: Are you a hardware or software guy? And which do you prefer? Georgeous: We are actually using just software but obviously would love to get some hardware machines ready to play, move forward with our studio gear. We have tried it and in fact we put some analog sounds on our productions. It’s great though but having said that, trying to emulate that warmth with softwares like UAD and stuff is enough to show up our abilities at the studio. Our idea is to buy some basic analog gear like the new Roland Airas, Virus Ti or an Avalon compressor. OTB: So tell us about Depaart. How did you hook up with those guys? Souldate: Jorge is actually the co-founder of Depaart and we have been working together in several projects during the last few years. So it was kind of natural to collaborate in this EP and produce some tunes for the label, everything stays at home :) OTB: And is there a story behind the latest EP at all? What's your favourite memory of making it? Georgeous: Well, last November we had some rainy weeks in Madrid so we ended up in the studio trying to finish some projects. Bought a 20 dip bucket at KFC and some beers, started to work on them until we got the 2 tracks ready to go. By the weekend, we tried them at some gigs and received some feedback from the audience and other producers. We then came back to the studio the next week and tried to fix them. The best memory we had was in the middle of the night, crazy dancing for the beers and greasy hands at work, we just found the sound we love for the bass hehe OTB: You got some great support on your last release. What did that mean to you? Souldate: In Spain the latest collaboration got huge support. Both media and DJ’s have given nice feedback. It was played on the main national radios and on some others in the UK - like Though Love Radio Show at Kiss FM - it has been a massive honour for us to be there and reach this audience. Now asked to play at Vicious Live and being remixed by top techno guy in Spaniard scene such as Victor Santana, we just can say thanks and keep working on more music. OTB: Plans for the rest of 2015? Georgeous: We will release another collaboration for Depaart on a VVAA during the summer. Now trying them at gigs to see how they work on the dance floor. Souldate is also working on an EP for Alma Soul containing 3 originals. We will be giving out some freebies on June and getting ready for maybe another collaboration released in September after the summer season in Ibiza so20/4 pretty excited for everything! All of these things and taking care about the family :) Georgeous & Souldate's release 'Surfin' The Wave' is out on Depaart Records on 27th April