ARLO Takes Us Back to Old School Sounds With “Revin'”

The cheesy EDM bubble is finally popping and making way for the older sounds that originally stole our hearts; for that I am eternally grateful. Maturing into their own sound, ARLO (formerly CreamyCookies) have become some of the first in this newer generation of producers to take it back to old school-style with their newest single “Revin'”


ARLO – Revin’


Inspired by motorcycles, this track really does have a biker vibe; the boys add a nice crunchy accent to the melody while using synth samples that remind me of a 2010 Lazy Rich song. Like its name, “Revin'” really gets you going when you listen; it’s hard not to dance with all that [good] filth going on around you! I must say it was quite a nice surprise as well to hear their modern take on the classic sound I used to love.


Grab your free copy today on their Souncloud!


Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

A die-hard trance family member and a lover of all things related to electronic music, this Oaklander lives for the times when she can let loose and dance. Maybe prone to make corny pun jokes and clichés.
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