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LVNDSCAPE Contributes To Global Warming With Debut Tropical Mix

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The ice caps are melting, summer is getting warmer, and apparently so are musical genres with the explosion of tropical house. Made with the months of June, July, and August in mind, tropical house is a genre that is able to shine a warm light on you just through its glittering melodies and beach-side instruments. LVNDSCAPE, a producer with little info to his name, recently surfaced with his viral remixes that can only be listened to with a fruity drink in hand, and his first mix, Season 1, follows a similar suit. Featuring The Writers Block, Tep No, and a slew of IDs, LVNDSCAPE crafts a frothy mix of feel-good tropical house tracks that will have you ready for the weekend before you need to be. Check it out below and be sure to watch LVNDSCAPE with a close eye because they are definitely a rising talent to look out for.