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Between II Minds - Nero Release New Single And New Sound

Friday, July 03, 2015
Janessa Demeule

As the dawn of 28.08 approaches, the mother ship Nero releases yet another single off their next album, Between II Worlds. This time however, the trio is going in a new direction. Ditching the symphonic dubstep sound they are critically acclaimed for, they tone it down for a bass-y future house vibe. "Two Minds" delivers on the groovy and when paired with Alana Watson's sultry vocal talents, sends the track into downright sensual. Their change in sound on the track has left some critics dissatisfied. However, one can't deny that comparatively, Nero has a distinct flavor that permeates the typical Future House tunes that have been dropped in the last few months. Despite the change this track is charged. Progressive synth work draws attention, while the bass and the beat drives the track over and around the piano, which adds a mellifluous layer to counter the breakdown. Much like the title insinuates this track itself is of two minds. Passing from soft and sweet to intense and harsh, "Two Minds" is a powerhouse of feelings. Genre aside, quality production is the reason fans have been waiting. On that level this track is anything but disappointing. Vibrant and melancholy, "Two Minds" leaves us wanting as the wait continues.

Nero - Two Minds

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