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EDX Releases His Miami Sunset Remix of Spada's "Catchfire"

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

If you’ve been following EDX, or have come across his remixes as you’re perusing through Only The Beat, you’ll come to notice that all of his remixes take on the personality and culture of a city that the artist has visited, and each 'brand' of remix has its own unique vibe and feel. EDX’s “Indian Summer” remixes, like his chart-dominating remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love,” are uplifting vocal anthems soaked in sunshine, while his “Dubai Skyline” remixes, like his chart-topping remix of Nora en Pure’s “Uruguay,” are deeper club offerings more fitting for the early hours of morning. EDX’s latest effort is a “Miami Sunset” remix of Spada’s “Catchfire,” and that could not be a more perfect way to describe the feel of this track. On the remix, EDX keeps the summer-y personality of Spada’s original alive, while infusing the track with just enough swirling bass and glitchy synth stabs to make it more fitting for a club. The remix is out now via EGO on Beatport, and you can get it here.