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Get a Heavy Dose of Summer Vibes With Golden Coast's New Remix

Friday, July 17, 2015

When tropical house stormed into dance music last year, no one thought that the sun-kissed sub-genre would dominate dance music the way it has. Pioneered by the likes of Kygo and Thomas Jack, tropical house has evolved and combined with other genres in ways that we never would have thought to create new sub-genres like chill house or melodic house - a fusion of tropical house and deep house. The uplifting, melodic sounds of tropical house have even made their way into pop, where artists like Golden Coast are championing a “trop-pop” sound in the indie and pop spaces. After breaking into the scene with their single, “Break My Fall,” Golden Coast have been delivering a steady dose of their sun-soaked melodies, but the LA-based duo are shedding their pop personas in favor of a house backbone on their latest remix of Savannah Outen’s “Boys.” Golden Coast are experts of summer, and their remix is light-hearted and playful - perfect for the warmer weather. Outen’s vocals go hand-in-hand with the production, as the airy pan flutes and uplifting synth melodies give the track a necessary boost in energy and a heavy dose of summer-ready vibes.