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Some Gangsta Shit

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Dakota Orlando

Just a few weeks ago the preview to this track was released on Soundcloud. Ever since, I've been waiting impatiently for the full version to come out, and today is the day. DJ Dan Farber from Tel Aviv proves that Israeli's are pretty G with his new Gangsta Shit EP that just dropped on Dim Mak Records. The song only has one lyric but the vocals are seriously catchy and unusually sexy. Listening to this song walking down the street, I have to admit I feel like I may have "started this Gangsta Shit". Not only are the vocals going to get stuck in your head, but the on going beat is going to have you hitting replay a whole bunch of times.

Dan Farber - Gangsta Shit

In my opinion, Farber's future bass sounds are seriously underrated. A pioneer of the Israeli rave scene, I hope to see him take over here in the U.S. Click here and check him out on Soundcloud!