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Kaskade Disarms Fans With Latest Release

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Janessa Demeule

After a foray in to future house, Kaskade is back to his old tricks. And that is anything but a bad thing. With his latest release, "Disarm You", Kaskade reminds everyone why he is the best. Kaskade premiered the track last month during EDC Las Vegas and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Now the real deal has been released, and the hype train for his potential 12th studio album is leaving the station. Fans are reaching out to the producer over social media and showering his latest single with praise. With his innate ability to paint an emotive picture for his listeners, Kaskade returns to his uplifting sound. Complete with melodic chord progressions, crisp snares, bouncey kicks, and that perfect harmonious female lead (provided by the talented Ilsey). The lyrics for "Disarm You" reach out and pass through your everyday defenses. Kaskade has aptly named the track, for it creates an uplifting and global connection with listeners. Ilsey's vocals perfectly compliment the anthemic track. Bringing forth feelings of soulful yearning and reckless love. Whether it is for a single person or a collective group is up for the listeners interpretation. Surely "Disarm You" is up for 2015's summer anthem. One play will not be enough; your best bet is to buy it here. Despite a return to form, he does however, keep a little bit of the sound he has been experimenting with over the past few months. It is most apparent in the bass stabs he uses.  Music is not a stagnant thing. Electronic music has always be dynamic, the driving sound grows often and we as fans sometimes forget that the artist is free to create in new ways. It may not be what we're used to, but we have to respect the direction the artist wishes to take. "Disarm You" sees Kaskade taking a bit of the past, present, and future and combing them in a way that is still unconditionally Kaskade. Showing us that, as an artist,  Kaskade is not afraid to grow with his fans. He is trying to find new ways to combine what brought him to the attention of his fans, and what will keep their attention for years to come. [caption id="attachment_34385" align="aligncenter" width="501"]Kaskade chilling with his fans. Kaskade chilling with his fans.[/caption] Let Kaskade Disarm You: There is no word when we will see another album, but if it includes more quality hits like this one. You can bet it is going to win hearts. And awards.