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There's Nothing To "Desire" More Than Gryffin's Newest Remix

Saturday, August 01, 2015

If you haven’t heard the name Gryffin before, it’s time to start acquainting yourself with his signature brand of cloud house, because the New York City-based producer is going to be a star - and soon. Since emerging onto the scene last year, Gryffin has made a name for himself delivering superb remix after superb remix characterized by his guitar-dominated brand of house music. He’s managed to bring together indie rock with dance in a way that others can only dream of doing, as his music is bright, uplifting, and unique all wrapped up into one package. Just two short months after delivering a jaw-dropping remix of Years & Years’ “King,” Gryffin has gone back to the studio for his breathtaking remix of the UK band’s track, “Desire,” available now on Spotify. Laying on a bed of distinguishable guitar licks, Gryffin’s remix brings out the best of Years & Years’ frontman, Olly Alexander, by pairing his impassioned croons alongside cool melodies and thumping bass lines. Keep an eye out for this remix in We Are Your Friends, because it’s set to drop on the official soundtrack for the movie.