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“Chase It” With a New Track and EP from WRLD

Thursday, August 06, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

What do you get when you cross Nintendo, House music and Passion Pit-esque vocals? You get WRLD’s “Chase It.” The new single from Monstercat artist WRLD, incorporates the best of all three worlds, 8 bit sounds, a bouncey melody and high vocals to match. Press play and enjoy chasing the song.

WRLD - Chase It

Starting off in the land of Hyrule with 8 bit sounds fit for the original Zelda, WRLD adds in some bouncey synths to get your feet shuffling and your head bobbing. Add in the vocals of Savoi talking about chasing shots and you have yourself an excellent track to start your night off with. After a successful 2014, WRLD is making 2015 even better with an upcoming EP with “Chase It” as the title track. With every pre-order of the album, “Chase It” is available the moment you press purchase. If this track is any indication of what the EP is going to sound like, this EP might rival Laszlo’s and San Holo’s for quality of sound. The bouncey feel good melody puts a smile on my face from the get-go and never let’s down even in the final seconds. Pre-order the Chase It EP now from Bandcamp with support coming from Google Play and iTunes coming soon. Give WRLD a follow on SoundCloud and Twitter along with a like on Facebook. Comment below with your thoughts on the track and enjoy!