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Grungy Synth from Space Race and KTRL

Thursday, August 06, 2015
Dakota Orlando

Hot Damnnnn. Space Race collaborates with KTRL on their newest track Mischief. Combined with some serious synth and subtle mischievous giggles, this song makes for a very unique sound. The heavy-synth drops create a grungy vibe. Close your eyes and you may just be at an underground rave in 90's. Released on major record label, Buygore, these DJs are definitely on the rise. When things start to sound one in the same, every house head is looking for something new, and this duo has provided just that. Daring to be different, I can imagine that this duo, individually, or together, will make waves in the scene. If you are not familiar, Kid Royale and Emperiax make up production/DJ duo Space Race, who are based in Brooklyn, NY and specialize in bass-y music. KTRL is also a duo based in Chicago and New Orleans made up of Adam Kishanov and Wesley Strain. The two pairs are good friends and plan to release another track together on August 13, stay tuned peeps!