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Yellow Claw's New Track " Wild Mustang" Shows Versatility

Saturday, August 08, 2015
Dakota Orlando

Well-known and loved DJ trio Yellow Claw just released a new collaboration with Cesqeaux called "Wild Mustang" featuring vocalist Becky G. Unlike their usual trap and hardstyle sound, this track is softer and more in the pop genre. Repeating Caribbean riffs with marimba and maraca instrumentals play in the background as Becky G sings the whole way through. What is very cool and unique about this song is the drop, it builds quickly creating anticipation for a heavy and traditionally Yellow Claw drop. But what listeners get instead is smooth and relaxing Carribean beats.

Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux - Wild Mustang (feat. Becky G)

This song is perfect for summer, evoking feel-good vibes and tropical sounds. While the song is without a doubt cute and fun, fans are not too pleased. With comments like, "what happened to Yellow Claw," and "what is this soft shit?" listeners are displeased with Yellow Claw's attempt to diverge from their original sound. I have to admit that I wouldn't even really consider the track within the genre of EDM. Without reading the title, I would never guess that Yellow Claw had anything to do with it. While this song may not be for everyone, it is nice to see the Amsterdam based DJ's try something new! What is also interesting is the fact that all of their other collaborations with Cesqeaux follow their traditional style. Every track on their Legends EP, released about 9 months ago, features Cesqeaux, and each song does not disappoint! What do you think of Yellow Claw's new track?