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Review: Michael Clifford - Deepolog EP

Friday, September 04, 2015

Deepolog is the brand new four piece EP from Michael Clifford, packed to the brim with captivating and emotional sounds. Landing on eMBI September 2nd the collection features two original pieces, alongside a couple of equally impressive reworks from the likes of Daniele Casa and Marco Cassanelli. Opening with Deepology, you’re immediately thrown into a hi-hat driven rhythm that slowly develops around deep enchanting synths. Over time the bass line evolves, bringing in popping notes that lock in effortlessly around the rolling hi hats for one magical blend, reverb soaked piano adds the cherry on the top for what is a stunning production. Trippin Versus Nowhere follows a similar path with the deep swelling synths, however this time they’re accompanied by a more kick drum heavy pattern and echoing vocal sample. This one is certainly designed for a smoke filled room and minimalistic lighting in my eyes. The first remix that enters the game is Daniele Casa with a groovier take on Trippin Versus Nowhere. Extra additions of percussive flurries really help bring the simplistic chord changes to life in a more upbeat yet still eerie production. Deepology is taken deeper once more with Marco Cassanelli, as he brings in a more subtle hat to carry the memorable synth pads along their journey. A muffled yet highly effective kick provides a sturdy backbone from one impressive rework that keeps you hooked throughout.

Michael Clifford - Deepolog EP

'Deepolog' is available now through eMBI Music.