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Felon's "Isla" Bags A Set Of Sublime New Remixes

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Making a mark on Ultra Music this week is the six-track remix EP created around the infectious house single “Isla” ft. Kaleem Taylor, which was written by London trio Felon. Not long after its release, the Ultra exclusive group has now handed their single over to a handful of artists to give “Isla” several new directions.

Whilst you won’t find a thrashing dubstep edit of the track on this EP, there is still plenty of variety displayed. For depth and progressive energy, look no further than the remakes by De$ignated and Kydus. Babel shows some real subtle beauty with piano tones and gentle snippets of vocals, and the Daktyl electronica-style version is also stunning. Aevion and No Idols ensure their versions are full of zest and musicality - this pair will get you dancing.

You can get your hands on all six “Isla” remixes here.