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Review: Naufer - Arnkhaar EP

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The U.S.’ history when it comes to electronic music has long been an impressive one, and so it is that one tends to stand up and take notice when a much-feted producer emerges from the region. One such man to do exactly that is newcomer Nuafer, who seems to have his finger on the pulse so far; a fact that’s evidenced by his latest release, which comes at us from the emerging label, Nosso.

A four-tracker that hints at a rich potential, this is an enriching and potent delectable array of delights, with each track on show as different as the next. The title track, for example, drags us down a path that’s laden with mysterious delights, whereas ‘’Aldegaar’’ compounds these vibes with a stirring melding of rich chords. Elsewhere, there are two remixes which both pay homage to the label. The first of these is Lui’s remix of the original, a brazen and cheeky interpretation that’s filled with breezy textures and easy-going synth lines and percussion. Culminating the EP is the sounds fo another remixer in Kchapa. His take on the track is a sprightly one, and one that gives the release an added edge thanks to its unconventional wares. Top drawer stuff from the man they call Naufer here!

This stunning EP is out now, grab it here.