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Review: Vibe Killers - Underground EP

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Killer Vibes is a label and production pair that aim to serve up only, term, killer vibes. They have done so to great effect so far over the course of four EPs, and this latest one might just be the best yet. The men behind it are Mark and Mickey Horsey, a Burnley duo that have also released on labels like Sinnmusik. Up first here is Underground, a to the point club jam that has stiff percussion, well chilled snares and robust drums setting a perfect marching pace. Simple but effective, this is no frills club music that does a fine job of making you want to move your ass. Some clever vocal samples and fine sense of tension building imbue the track with the extras it needs to really standout. On the flip is Sunshine, a track that is riddled with an ever rising synth riff that is full of oust and is perfectly pixelated. It is all about tension and release this one and it never fully boils over, instead keeping you locked from start to finish. As such this is an essential two track EP for anyone who love real house music.   'Underground' EP is out now and available here