Beat the Sunrise with SNBRN and Andrew Wyatt

Summer might have ended as a season, but thanks to the glory of music, the vibes live on in music. Particularly in LA-based SNBRN‘s latest track, “Beat the Sunrise”, a dreamy, hypnotizing track that rolls down the street in slow motion; windows down, hair flowing in the breeze. Not a care in the world. When it comes to creating emotion, this is what a track is about. One can easily put images to this song, moving images. It takes some serious production skill to go beyond making listeners emote, and actually making those emotions play out like a movie. For that alone SNBRN and vocalist, Andrew Wyatt, deserve all the accolades. As bassy synths meld with crisp kicks and beautiful melodies procured by multiple instruments, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and lighter as the track carries on.

SNBUN’s tropical vibes and Wyatt’s emotional delivery are a match made in heaven you have to hear.

Relive the summer, or relax in your warm bed until summer comes around again, by putting this on repeat and letting go. As the year goes on, “Beat the Sunrise” is an anthemic tropical house hit sure to see some serious playtime.

Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

Residing somewhere on a habitable rock floating in space, Janessa has chosen to accept the mission of spreading funky beats to the citizens of the world. A self-proclaimed audio addict and Guardian of the Groove, she can be seen wandering the streets in a state of trance. If you stop her, you might find yourself being submitted to the best trance, drum and bass, UK hardcore, and various mixtapes (to name a few). She is relentless in her desire to spread the musical love and earn her "mission accomplished" sticker.
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