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Nigel Good Is Your Commander in Space Cadet LP

Thursday, November 05, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

One-upping Nigel Good’s recent signing with Monstercat and track “No Way Back Up,” The Ontario native is back with new LP, Space Cadet. After releasing Nothing Out Here in April of 2014, the Canadian producer is back with blissful, melodic tunes perfect for a trip to space or a late night drive. Take a listen below.

Nigel Good – Space Cadet LP

Space Cadet opens with brilliant orchestral piece “It Starts” reminding me of the Halo soundtrack. Maybe that’s why it’s named Space Cadet. From the opening notes, the energy is brimming. This is going to be good. “This Is Forever,” a peaceful driving track filled with cheery melodies, happy synths and that top-down, sunglasses wearing vibe, prepares us for the journey ahead. The last 30 seconds are the most infectious sounds I’ve heard since “Peace of Mind” by Above & Beyond. “An Adventure” flows straight after, adding in a guitar riff to “This is Forever’s” melody. The two match perfectly together to form This Is Forever An Adventure… very fitting. “No Way Back Up” fills the fourth track with the first vocals of the LP and an iconic piece of the album. Check out the full review and vibe away to this 7 minute track. “Disappear” with Nigel Good and the glorious saxophone next. What a beaut! Smooth vocals, groovy melody and some sexy saxophone… can’t get better. “Stellar” sends us to the stars with airy, blissful chords before starting a monumental buildup into “Cliché Lovesong.” The light opening riff makes way for Fenomenon’s vocals and a great tropical house/ambient crossover perfect for any sort of listening. “Bastion” turns the grimy level up a notch with its driving bassline. “Space Plus One” has a Porter Robinson/Deadmau5 type feel to it, combining 8-bit sounds with progressive chords. If Nigel could make a 20 minute version… it would be perfect. If “Space Plus One” was Porter/Deadmau5, “Nova” would be Daft Punk/Skrillex. Groovy Daft Punk vibes mesh with grimy Skrillex synths making this a funky, dirty track. The drop is a perfect change of pace from the interstellar travel Nigel has been taking us on. “Cloudstepper” takes us back into the ethereal with an ambient liquid drum ‘n bass track guaranteed to give you chills. The airy synthesizer sound hits heartstrings with each chord. “Don’t Want To Go” ends the LP off with an electronic rock beat with Go Periscope on vocals. This track has a mid-2000 pop-punk sound that will have you nodding your head wanting the LP to never end. The LP ends leaving us breathless and moving our mouse back to the beginning. Nigel Good states about the album, “I had a goal to write a complete, fluid album, rather than package of ten plus individual tracks together. I wanted them to flow into each other and for the listener to hear common elements between the tracks.” I think he accomplished that goal… wouldn’t you agree? Check out Nigel Good on his socials and purchase the album now through many of the online music stores. Follow Monstercat for more releases; including their 24th compilation album coming soon.

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