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Review: Vazik - Now Is The Time

Sunday, November 08, 2015

If you like music with a spiritual edge, littered with musical chords and upward grooves, then this new EP from Vazik is for you. He is a producer who has released music on Maktub Music, Spring Tube, Plastik Park and plenty of other labels but this time out he is on the Sprout label, which never fails to serve up the goods.

Fussed is the opening track of the EP and is the sort of expertly crafted, cosmically influenced cut that really speaks to your mind as well as your body. The groove is fast and slick, the melodies are pixelated and soulful and the white noise sweeps add plenty of excitement. Overall it is a killer tech cut for big open floors. The second cut he offers is more techno leaning and peak time, with shooting, machine gun like synths firing over a slick and spaced out groove. Dark vocals add urgency and intensity and subtle bass tweaks help add drama. Overall this is a fine peak time cut that will really get floors marching as one.

  'Now Is The Time' is out now on Sprout and available here