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Review: From Malmo With Love

Swedish label House Music With Love serves up a great new EP here that proves that have some great A&R chops, as well as plenty of talents coming up through the ranks to chose from in their home country. The EP is called From Malmo With Love and showcases three new producers that all have inviting deep house sounds full of great texture and fine production skills. First up, Water Cave Master is a rolling house cut with jittery percussion, downbeat synth cavernous echo chambers full of nice rich bass. It is a lively driven cut that will drive any dance floor late into the night and it comes from Josefine Hellstrom Hansson.  Then comes Fellow Swede Edgar Ariza with Nebulous, a more direct and propulsive cut with big bold drums and epic breakdowns. There is a trance like element to the uplifting nature of this one and the dreamy vocals add to the intoxicating effect of the track overall.  Last cut A Place Called Myanmar then comes from Malo man Alex Moda, a new but talented producer who has released on labels such as EQNation. This is the most spiritual and spine tingling of the lot, with twinkling melodies, wavy beats and sumptuous chords that really strike you in the heart. Overall this is a fantastic EP that goes deep and classy from start to finish. 'From Malmo With Love' is available here.